Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thank God it's 2011!

The start of a new year marks the end of another. Before I continue planning for my 2011, I want to look back and thank God for His blessings in my 2010.

It's already a year ago when I first started joining organized runs. And although it seemed like a lot, I only ran a total of 12 - from my 5K at Condura 2010 up to my 32K at Run Rio Leg 3 (Unilab 2). [Counting Takbo Para Kay Gibo, I did 13]. Wow, that's like 1 race per month!

Every race offered a unique experience, a different high. For some, I came in very well trained. Others, I wasn't ready. There were routes that were generally flat like Roxas or MOA and there's the hilly and banked like McKinley and the flyovers. Some had timing chips and d-tags others manual bar codes. Sometimes only 5000 runners. The next time 120,000 runners. Some near, some far; some easy, some hard.

Many times it felt like I didn't have enough strength to finish, but then I did, and it felt good and I wanted to do it again. I used to faint when it's even just a little bit hot and I'm tired - like in 2001 during ROTC at the sunken garden or in 2007 after jogging (for less than 3K). And now I can finish a 32K - and still stand up the next day (legs shaking a bit but I can)!

Having the courage and strength to start and  finish a race is only one of the many blessings that the Lord gave me in 2010. I had more than a couple of "walls" last year that I thought I wouldn't be able to overcome - but God was there to give me hope and to carry me over the wall and to set me back on my track and eventually finish my 2010 strongly.

The fireworks of 2011 are like the gun start of my new year. I don't know how hard it would be or how long and hilly the road is gonna be - in fact I don't know anything at all about what lies ahead. But I do know that God will be there with me until I reach my finish line - as He has always been. To God be the glory!