Monday, May 16, 2011

Run Like a Cake - 45 Goldilicious Years!

Fort, May 15, 2011. Tey and I joined the 21K event of the Goldilocks Fun Run. It's my first yellow singlet so I was excited to wear it on race day. However, I seem to have gotten  fatter and I looked like a 3-layer wedding cake wearing the singlet!

I am now (at least) 15 pounds heavier compared to last year's 21K at Nature Valley (Run Rio Leg 2). The more I run, the more I eat, the heavier I get! I can't believe this! For more than a year of running and joining races, this is my heaviest at almost 160 lbs and without a strand of muscle to show for it. And to prove that I am now on the far opposite side of slim, I have now CHAFED for the first time! In the past, I couldn't relate to run blogs and magazines regarding chafing. Now I'm so sore. :P

But despite all this bitterness, I enjoyed the Goldilocks Fun Run. And I felt strong. Heavy, yes. But strong. I wasn't fast, I almost did not beat my 15-lb-lighter 21K record, but my run was quite steady, compared to my previous long races. It felt like I had a lot of energy (stored).

I think I also had extra energy because I was not holding my belly in anymore. :P I used to do that to have good looking photos but now that it's out of proportion, what's the use? I embraced my big tummy and I ran blissfully.

Don't get me wrong, though. I'm now carefully crafting a plan so that I can be lighter on my feet. I do it for my knees and for other health benefits. And I think I should start that by putting down this chocolate I have in my hand now (it's messy for the keyboard too). But I want to point out that being "fat" should never be an excuse  to miss out on all the fun!

I liked the route of this run, going through the whole length of Buendia to Osmena. But it was just so hot! When I was at the Buendia flyover on my way back, I felt like a cake in an oven. I was starting to get dehydrated, I think, that I started getting pins and needles all over my body. But I survived, thanks to ample water supply at water stations.

I was able to finish with a new PR, but only by 30 seconds! But it's not bad for a heavier version of myself.

A good one for Goldilocks and for Rio.

Here are some of our pics from the event:

...and what else but the Superposition!