Monday, May 31, 2010

Run Rio Leg 2 : Nature Valley Run 2010 - My First 21k

I found out the hard way that 21k is not always equal to 10k times 2 plus 1k. Especially if it's your first. :)) I can more or less keep a 10k pace of 6 min/km so I thought doing 7 min/km for my first 21k would be like a walk in the park. I guess I was partly correct - I did walk in the park. :P

I was determined to do a sub-2:30 for my first half-mary but my determination did not compensate for my insufficient training. [So my advice (not new), train well! ].

My run started out pretty good. I was on track for my 7 min/km target pace. But nature was forcing my bladder to do number 1 very early in the nature valley run (first 2k). I thought of stopping at the first portalet I saw (it was near the first water station) but there were a lot lined up so I decided to take the next one. I lined up for the next one and decided to wait. I learned that time runs fast when you stop running. I was already in line for around 4 minutes and I couldn't risk any more second so I started to run again, resolving to get the next no-line portalet. It eventually came but when I stepped outside one runner pointed out, "Kuya, pambabae dito!" Ok. So much for that. :))

Anyway, I was looking at my watch for the first 6k and I noticed that I was 3 minutes (total) delayed of target. That means if I do keep my 7 min/km pace, I would reach the finish line at 7 x 21 + 3 = 150 or 2:30! Just in time! Of course, I tried to make up for some time by going a bit faster but I also got tired faster.

After a few minutes, I was on my way up the Buendia flyover. At 00:51 (on the flyover), I saw my running mate Eugene "Ostrich" already on his way back for a sub-1 10k. At 00:54, I saw Donna Cruz also on her way back [Wow, she's fast!]. I never thought the Buendia flyover was that long. And it was very much banked. Good for cars, bad for runners. To get my mind off it, I thought about how I could compute for the minimum radius of curvature so that I won't fly off the flyover. :P Anyway, I was doing ok and I got back to the 10k marker at 1:22. I reached 11k at around 1:30 and at that time, I was already losing hope of reaching my 2:30-target. See, I have never done a 10k sub-1 so if I was still 10k away and I only have 1 hour and I have run 11k and I just got down Buendia flyover, the odds were very much against me.

Although my legs were already very heavy and I was slowing down even more, I kept my head up and kept moving forward. When I reached Lawton avenue, I came across Eugene again and excitedly waited for Donna because I knew she was just right behind. In the process, I also noticed Patrick Running Shield Concepcion (who was celebrating his 30th anniversary of running), Jonel of Front Runner (bugobugo) and the guy pushing the wheelchair. Then Donna. :P They were already on their way back when I was just about to find out what lies ahead - long uphills! :P

At 2:15, I was only at the 16k marker. I seriously considered doing a 3 min/km on my last 5k and imagined my self raising my hands at the finish line. Then of course I came back to reality and went on my way, slowly but forward.

Near the finish line, I really appreciated how enthusiastic the volunteers are. And all the you-can-do-it's were really motivating. I still sprinted (or it felt like I did) the last few hundred meters because I did not go all the way of that 21k for an undignified finish.

Needless to say, I did not reach my sub-2:30 goal but I was able to cram a sub-3 towards the end so overall - not bad at all! :P

At the finish line, I received my medal and all the congratulations proudly. My girlfriend rushed towards me to get this picture and to give me a sweet, sweaty hug. :P

She then led to the loot bag which was right there. Best part of the finish line experience was the ice cream! :))

I enjoyed every step of the way. I even drank a lot and sponged a lot and everything-ed a lot! It's true, the first is really special. :))

Thanks to Coach Rio and his team for another great event! Eleven thousand trees! :))

Congrats to my girlfriend for her first run! She did the 5k in 39 minutes! Very much better than my first time. :P

Here's me and my girlfriend Tey. :))

The HP running team with guest runner - me! :P

Tey and Coach Noel "Pungay Mata"

Tey and Coach Rio

Jonel of Front Runner mag (bugobugo) and Dr. Yong Larrazabal (Donna's husband)

Tey and Dr. Yong Larrazabal

Tey and Patrick "Running Shield" Concepcion

Tey's dream pic with Jeffrey Hidalgo

21k finishers

Mostly eOMS Runners

Road Shots

..and of course - The Superposition

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sub-2:30 Target for my first 21K :P

This is sort of a declaration that I want to finish my first 21K in less than 2.5 hours. I just wanted to put it out there so that I would be really motivated to do so. :)) After leg 2 on Sunday, I want to honestly write that I was able to reach my goal.

I'm thinking if this is indeed an attainable goal. At the moment, my 10K-pace is at around 6 min/km (> 1 hr). If I could do 7 min/km on Sunday, I will be ok. Not sure if this is a good projection though, but it looks promising. :)) What do you think?

Anyway, this is my first and I was told that the first would always be special. :P Whatever happens, I'll make sure I enjoy my first half-mary and everything that comes with it. :))

I'll see you guys! I'll be there early! :))

Monday, May 24, 2010

Join the AMG Fun Run 2!

It's payback time! Last year, my first AMG Fun Run was a total disaster. :P I ran the 3K event and it felt like forever! This year, I'll attempt to do a podium finish! Hahaha.. :)) [Read about my epic failure here.]

Come run with me on June 6 [5AM] at McKinley Hill! Registration is only at 200 (3K), 300 (6K), and 350 (9K)!

This run is for the benefit of the patients of wards 9 and 11 of PGH. Let's go go go! :))

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Early Runs a New Race

For a change, this blog is not about running. :))

In a few weeks, I'm leaving my work as an IT SM at HP to pursue a new career as a teacher in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of the Philippines - Diliman.

While I will definitely miss the friends I have made in HP and P&G [client], I am really looking forward to this new adventure - an opportunity to share my knowledge in ME to the aspiring engineers of our country. :P

I thank everyone who made my stay in HP very much worthwhile. This is practically my first job so this is also where I first grew as a professional ( sort of ;) ) Thanks for the blended learning - experience, relationship, and training. I hope you guys continue to be the number 1 technology company in the world. It was nice to have guys like you who make saying goodbye so darn hard. ;))

I now move on to my next big race. Please pray for me and my students. I hope they learn a lot from Sir Earl! Hehe.

Good thing about being in UP is that I can run everyday at UP Acad Oval, do some sort of grass work at the Sunken Garden, and jump up and down AS steps to develop leg strength . Wait, did I say that this is not about running? :P

Thanks guys and have a happy ever after! Keep moving forward!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Training for my first 21K

I'm running my first half-marathon on Run Rio Leg 2 : Nature Valley Run which is about 4 weeks from now. I intend to closely follow the 4-week plan from Runner's World Philippines Premiere Issue. [Grab your copy now! I believe it's still available somewhere if you get the April 2010 issue of Men's Health or Women's Health].

I think it's a good plan and you can customize it to fit your needs and current fitness level. For me, I'll do it this way.

Mondays and Saturdays are already reserved for short easy runs or rest days. Tuesdays are for 12-K runs, usually broken down into 2-K easy / 8-K @10K or half-marathon pace / 2-K easy. On Wednesdays, I'll do easy runs. Thursdays are for hill sprints while Fridays are also for 12-K runs. And on Sundays of course I'll do long runs, ranging from 16-K to 22-K @ marathon pace.

Sounds like a plan. Hopefully with this training, I get to perform good enough for my first half-mary. My target time? I'm training for a 7 min/km pace so I'm aiming to get a sub-2:30.

But first, I pray for strength and the will to complete this training. :P

You want the 4-week plan for other distances (5K, 10K, 42K)? Get a copy of Runner's World now! Hehe. :))