Sunday, March 21, 2010

Early Runs 15K with Piolo Pascual - The Green Miles Experience

Yeah! Praise God for another PR! Well, it's my first 15K and the longest distance I have run so far. [So near yet so far!]. Unofficial time is 1:39:47 [or a pace of ~6:40]. My goal was 1:45 so it's sub-target! Yey!

I'm also very happy for my girlfriend who is a very big fan, nay, lover of Piolo Pascual. [She always sighs when she sees his poster/billboard and once she even wanted to sleep next to the big Piolo close-up in my copy of Men's Health]. Although I did miss the Photovendo, the timing chip, and that interesting facebook app of the Globe Run, may it be written down in stone that I would never trade my girlfriend's precious smiles and kiligs for any of those. [Yes guys, this is an awwwww moment]. She got so very close to Piolo that I could swear he noticed her!

Here's a sample of her Piolo shots.

See? She's that close!

Anyway, the run. I was at the front of the starting line because I know Piolo will be there. :P I was with teammates Eugene, Noel, and Geoff. At gun start, my teammates sped away leaving me to my humble pace. Since this is my first 15K [and my longest] I planned to do some sort of an interval training I read from Jinoe ( in his HK Marathon : Run 6 mins (me at 6:15) then walk [~9 min/km] 1 min [this interval x ~ 14]. In my computation, this will get me to 15K in 1 hr 38 mins.

That was the plan. But apparently I did not like following my own plans because I did not walk after 6 mins, nor after 13, not even after 20. I was looking at my watch and kept pushing it. "Ok, I'll start walking at 30." "I'll walk at the next water station." "Nah, I'll keep this up only until I reach Roxas boulevard."

So I just went on with my slow pace of 6:30, enjoying the sight of every building I see as if it was my first time seeing them. I never imagined myself being so excited passing by the MOA Globe, seeing HK Sun Plaza and Bangko Sentral, and traversing Roxas boulevard slowly.

I continued on and I think I smiled at every volunteer (I think I was smiling the whole time). At around 51 minutes, I saw Eugene already on his way back. Then came Noel at 52. At 53, I saw Patrick "Running Shield" Concepcion and made a mental note that I would get his autograph. :P And at 55, there was Geoff coming with a smile on his face and two necklaces around his neck. I was more than 20 minutes behind them.

At 1 hr 13, I finally decided to walk because I'm already at 11K and what comes next are the distances that I have not yet run ever. I walked for 2 minutes then went on to finish 24 minutes later.

The hardest part of the race? It was when I tried to eat energy beans! I brought some because 15k was long for me. As advised by Running Shield in the Condura Early Edition Philippine Star, I repacked my beans into small packets. I took one out after the 2nd turn and tried to open it but I couldn't. The beans were so sticky that they do not come out even though I already ripped the plastic. But I was determined to have my beans so I just put the plastic-covered beans in my mouth and (hopefully) filtered out the plastic. :P I did not try that again.

My girlfriend and my teammates were waiting for me at the finishline. Since my teammates were a good 20 minutes ahead of me, they already look fresh in this picture. :P

[L-R: Me, Noel Camarillo, Eugene Yasay, Geoff Factor]

It was a pretty good run. It's not as big time as my last 3 races but I enjoyed every minute of it. Every single step was a new discovery for me.

Let me share some other shots by Tey (my girlfriend :D) for Early Runs.

Here's me with Patrick "Running Shield" Concepcion and Geoff (Man, I forgot the autograph!).

Of course, other Piolo shots by my girlfriend.

The eOMS Running Team

[L-R: Patrick Carpio, Kristine Millano, Noel Camarillo, Chrissie Lim, me]

Run Early Run!

and last but not the least... The Superposition!


  1. Thanks for joining our event. Ikaw pala friend ni NoelC. We worked in the same company before, pero ngayon di ko na siya ma reach. :P

    The Run-Walk interval is called the Galloway Method by the famous Jeff Galloway of Runner's World. Interval training is a bit different. But Im happy you did a good run.

    Superposition? LOL. I want to see you guys do that with the class pic. :D see you next time.

  2. hey noel,

    congrats on your good run.

    is it alright if i grab a few pics pf piolo for my blogsite, we were with him and kept him company throughout and tried to sub-piolo him and we did.hahaha.

    keep doing the run and walk,it works.i did it to get my 42k sub 4 pr and at the recent bdm 102.thanks!

    jonel, front runner mag

  3. I am so kilig! Thank you for including me sa blog. It's a pleasure taking pictures especially with Piolo. haha..

  4. Hi Earl
    congratulations in your run that’s a fantastic finishing time but most of all I’m glad you’re enjoying your runs. By looking at your pics your friends and you look like a bunch of very fun crazy guys which is great. Good friends are 2nd family and that you remain close forever.
    I pray you take the lead to be a role model to your friends , family and school . take it easy and ill put your pics in my blog too. Regards to Geof and Tey your Girl Friend. She is a very lucky person to have you and vice versa.
    Make running a way of life and make all your dreams come true. Regards – Patrick Concepcion / runningshield

  5. Thanks guys!

    @Jinoe : Ok, I'll keep that in mind - Galloway method. Let's do the superposition at the anniversary run! :P

    @Jonel : Actually my name is Earl. Hehehe.. Noel is my training buddy. Anyway, sure.. It's ok to post the Piolo pics as long as you credit that it's by Tey Geron for Early Runs (hahaha). See you around!

    @Patrick : Thanks for the kind words. I'll make sure Tey and Geof see this. And yes, we're crazy! Haha. See you in the next runs!

    @Tey : Thanks for your support as always! I'm so happy you enjoyed your Papa Piolo experience. :))

  6. I am the true Noel. Ahahahaha!

    I was surprised to see a comment addressing my name. :p

    Early, you are ready for 21k! Go Runrio leg 2!

    @Jinoe - langya ka! kaw ang hindi ma-reach! ;)

  7. wow! girl friend is so proud. (right sis?) I would love to watch the next run and hopefully can join 3K soon. :) Kaka-inspire ih!

  8. nice blog, early! fan na ko.. :)
    enjoy running! :)

  9. @alot : tara! April 18 : Nat Geo Run! Or May 30 : Nature Valley Run! Yey!

    @char : thanks! i will enjoy running more if you would join us! hehehe... :))