Thursday, April 22, 2010

Run Rio Leg 2 : Nature Valley Run Registration

What did you expect? Of course Early registered early! Hehe. :):):)

Last Monday I registered at Timex Glorietta for my first half-marathon. And I also registered my girlfriend for her first 5K! Yey! Two trees! :))

You can register at SM Timex Shops, Watch Republic, and R.O.X. For more details, see the Nature Valley section at

The singlet looks like this [Yehesss, model].



Yey, I'm excited for my first half-mary and Tey's first run! See you guys on May 30! Let's plant 8000 trees!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The National Geographic Earth Day Run

Praise God for another fun run at MOA with my teammates and my siblings! So far I think this is the most expensive run I did because I did not get any freebie. Hehe. Anyway, I joined the run to, er, run so I guess that's ok. And I had a great time with my friends which is priceless. ;P

This is my 3rd 10K and once again I targeted to reach that elusive sub-1. And to get that, I should run less than 6 mins per km. My first 1k was at 5:30 which I thought was good because that meant if I could keep that pace, I would reach the finish line in 55 minutes. My next 1k was the fastest - I was there at 10:30, meaning I got to 2k in 5 minutes. By that time, I knew I would get sub-1.

I went on with my regular 10k pace which is about 6 mins per km. Anyway, I had a 1:30 lead time already. However perhaps due to insufficient training and lack of sleep, I was already tired and a bit dizzy at 5k (after 1 lap). But I knew I could still go on one more lap.

And so I did. At 6K and 7k (I think even at 8k) I was still 1 minute ahead of target. I was saying to myself, "Come on, Early! Just a few more kms!" And when I saw the 9k marker, I thought "This is it! Finally!" I could already see the finish line.

However, the right turn to get there was longer than what I remember, like the finish line moved or something. Anyway, I got there eventually. I saw the long line of 5k runners queueing to submit their bar codes. To my right, I saw my girlfriend Tey with Coach Noel and my brother. Here's me waving at them.

But because I went near the sidelines, I sort of got lost. The 10k queue was at the middle lane, I was at the rightmost. I had to cross the 5k queue to get back on track. I sped off to the finish line.

I looked at my watch and - turon!!! - my time was... 1:00:51!!! NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I missed sub-1 again!

What?!! Anyway, yeah.. That's the story of my life. Hehe. I'm still hoping that the official time would have a few seconds adjustment (hopefully 52 seconds) for the start delay and the bar code queue. :))))

Anyway, here are the photos from the run. Thanks to my girlfriend Teytey as always.

My Piolo Shot :))

...with my sister and my brother

...with killer girlfriend... :))

Coach Noel

Faster and Higher! :))

Earl and Mils

eOMS Running Team

...and of course the Superposition!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Runner's World in the house!

The first ever Philippine issue of Runner's World is finally here! It comes free with every purchase of the April issue of Men's Health or Women's Health! Grab one now!

This is really cool, to have our version of this running magazine. And great articles for its first too! I can't wait for the next releases! :))))

The magazine features Coach Rio on the cover. Just want to share this quote from Coach Rio. "Natatanggal ang stress ko pag nasa training ako." I so can relate. Bad thing for me is that right after training, I feel stressed again. Perhaps I shouldn't stop?! :P

Photo from the facebook fan page of Runner's World Philippines. Become a fan!

Read the Summit Media Press release here.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Galloway Method at Ayala Triangle

I gave the run-walk method (or more popularly known as the Galloway Method) a try. I read this first at in Jinoe's HK marathon. [Read it but beware - you might cry after doing so]. Anyway his idea was to run for 6 minutes then walk 1 minute.

That really sounded great for me. I planned to do it at the Green Miles run because I was doing 15k (not even in training have I gone over 11K). But during the race apparently I couldn't stop. I thought I would just go running as long as I can then walk when I can't anymore. I finally decided to walk when I reached 11K.

I googled a bit more about the Galloway method and found one striking statement (from a forum) - it takes a bit more EQ to actually stop running and walk for a while. Hmmm.. I have always been known for my low EQ so I guess that's probably one reason why I couldn't stop during the Green Miles. [Remember the Marshmallow Test? If I was ever in one, I would have probably eaten the marshmallow before it touched the table].

So I tried out actually forcing myself to do it - just to see for myself what will happen [and to prove that my EQ has improved! :P]. The result was unbelievable.

I did rounds at Ayala triangle park and if my estimates and my math were correct (and so were the readings from Adidas miCoach), I completed 5K. I did 5 min/1 min run-walk. My time? 20 mins 45! My 5K PR is around 32 mins!

Well, if the distance was off, I'm pretty sure I was almost at 5K so add a few minutes and I will still be well below my PR. Interesting.

I honestly thought it wouldn't be very effective for shorter distances but I guess I was wrong.

And now, stepping back and thinking about my thinking (that's Philo for you!), I believe what happened here was that my mind was motivated to do faster runs because I would be stopping after 5 minutes anyway. And having relaxed legs, I could still run at the same pace after my 1 min walk. I guess it's more of a mind over body thing [and I got fresher legs] so I did runs that are way above my average pace.

In addition, I think the Ayala triangle path was also easier compared to my other training grounds. :P So my goal for this week is to try this out at MMP!

In the final analysis, I believe you should still do what works for you. You can run-walk, run-jog, or if you can, just run! I think the point is to enjoy your runs, not to get injured, not to distract other runners, and to simply just have fun!

Winning is another thing though. :P Now how do I do that? :))