Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My First Run

I would like to say that I was really made for running, that I'm a prodigy, and that I was born to race. But I guess not.

The first ever organized run that I joined (that is, a run with bib number :)) was the AMG Fun Run at McKinley Hill, Fort for the benefit of BATA Foundation. That was last year in May. I joined just for the heck of it.

Two days before the run, I came from a wedding shoot (I'm a photographer) where I think I injured my left foot. So aside from the fact that I did not really want to run, I was even in pain. That made my first run horrible and very much traumatic.

Anyway, I did enjoy being there. I led the morning stretch, that was fun. That's me with the mic.

And yes, that's me. Stretching like there's no tomorrow.

I was the last one to start...

...and of course the last one to finish the very long course...

...of 3 km! (I did not bother to get my time).

I did not enjoy the run (or should I say walk) very much but in a way I felt that I accomplished something by finishing what I started even amidst the pain. I just kept thinking to myself that if I finish, I get a finisher's shirt (which was sadly exactly the same as the shirt I was wearing that day - the AMG BFF day shirt).

The result? I was injured for the next 3 weeks and I did not run for more than 3 months! I was wishing I did not run.

But that was last year.

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  1. May 10, 2009. Kasabay to ng first day of my board exam..