Saturday, November 3, 2012

21K at Run United Philippine Marathon 2012

My wife and I became part of history last weekend (October 28) by joining the first Run United Philippine Marathon! OK, maybe just partly because we only did 21K. :)

The 21K route was the same one as Run United 2 which we had also completed last June. The experience was practically the same for us, although I did improve by almost 3 minutes at 2:49. [My wife? She slashed more than 20 minutes from her Run United 2 finish with a time of 2:54 (previously 3:17).]

One thing I'd like to highlight was that near the finish line, Coach Rio himself was manning the traffic. He was also shouting, "Less than a kilometer! Bawal na maglakad!" giving the exhausted runners a well-needed motivation and sudden burst of energy.