Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Run Rio Leg 3 : Unilab Run United 2

November 20-21, 2010 - Fort

And so I completed the Run Rio Trilogy for 2010! But it was not easy.

Day 1: My Girlfriend's First Time

Unilab Run United 2 is a two-day event. My girlfriend Tey wanted to run the 21K and I can see her determination in the way she trains and the way she shops! (She bought hydration belt, ankle supports, sports bra, socks, sun visor, sun block, and red lipstick).

When we found out it was a 2-day event, I told her she could do a 15K so that we would be there on the same day. But she refused. "Kaya nga nagttrain ako mabuti kasi gusto mag 21K," she said, days before we registered.

Her run was really good. She was expecting she would finish in 3hrs 30mins but she made it to the finish line in 2hrs 54mins (which is only ~2 minutes behind my first 21K)! Good job darling!

And because I was there in the event and I did not run, I had the chance to be like Photovendo - which I also found very heartwarming! People I don't know stop (or slow down a little) and smile at me for a nice photo op. It felt like we are one big happy running family!

(For those guys who ran on Day 1, you might see your picture here.)

Here are some shots that I took.


Running Couple

Post-Run Barkada Pic

Day 2: Defying Gravity

Tey and I decided that this will be our last running event for 2010. So I decided to end it with a bang! What better way to end it than going for the longest distance of the last of the Run Rio Trilogy?!

I felt prepared for this run. Whatever happens it's a new PR anyway. And I did a pretty good 22K training run the week before so I was a little confident. But at the same time, I was also very uneasy and nervous because once again I would be facing the Buendia Flyover.

I have never completed it from end to end before. It always felt unending and unforgiving. But this time I was determined to conquer this flyover.

I ran with Noel (Deemen Runner) and we had a good, steady start. A few kilometers before the flyover, I asked Noel if we could stop for a while because I had to do number 1 in the middle of the dark. :P

And then the flyover came somewhere beyond the 6K mark. This is it. The moment of truth. When we stepped on the flyover, I put my game face on and determined to complete this stretch of elevated asphalt.
Noel was very supportive because he giving me advice on how to do uphills.

It was still long and unforgiving. But I was stronger and more determined. Needless to say, I was able to kill it for the first time without stopping. :P

The next flat segment to Osmena is easier even with the angry motorists. And then at around the 14K+ mark, we were back at the flyover. This time however I was not as strong anymore. It felt like my right knee is going to break. This is where Noel and I got separated and he went on ahead.

But at the back of my head, I wanted to complete a no-stop flyover again and so I pushed myself. I did again really but I think it cost me a little bit of my good knee.

I kept going as much as I could but after the 21K mark, I thought I couldn't run anymore because of the knee pain. Even when I try to run, I was slower than the guys who are walking! So I decided to alternate run-walk more frequently with a somewhat odd timing.

Even with the pain, I knew I couldn't stop. Not then that I have already endured a lot. Not after all the training. Not after I saw the 26K mark - just 6 more kilometers to go!

I don't know if it was adrenaline or the very cold water I poured on my head but my runs (and walks) are now faster. I planned to sing "Don't Stop Believing" but I ended singing "Defying Gravity" instead. "I think I'll try defying gravity and you can't bring me down." :P

I was very excited to see the last turn and it's very much encouraging to see Tey (now the photovendo), Eugene, and Noel also cheering for me! "Konti na lang!"

And so, after 4hrs 48mins, I was able to finish my 32K run! Congrats to Rio, Unilab, and the rest of the team for another inspiring event!

Let me share some of Tey's shots from the event.

Kikay Runner

Iza and Hammer Nutrition

Eugene Yasay (2 hrs 49 mins!)

Mawawala ba si Jeffrey sa shots ni Tey?

Patrick "Running Shield" Concepcion

Team Logan

Noel Camarillo (Deemen Runner)

32K Finishers! (Earl, Eugene, Noel)

...and the Superposition!

Tey's Superposition (Day 1)


  1. Yee! Most of the items ikaw ang bumili for me. And anong connect ng luscious red lipstick ko?

    Random shot lang yun kay Kikay! Very good siya ang na-capture ko.

    Good job, honey! Ang galing natin.. hehe..

  2. Yey! galing galing niyo naman ni tey! a big CONGRATULATIONS to both of you. harhar. sayang hindi ako nakatakbo sa day 2. wish I can finish din a 32K run. (wishful thinking talaga!)

    Kudos for both of you!

    Natawa ako sa luscious red lipstick ni tita tey. yan ba un ginagamit mo sa office? hehehe.

  3. Congrats to you both. Ang galing! Double Wow for Tey's shots! Thank you for the running tips and advice coach ahaha! Next run Bull Run 2011?

  4. earl, i can imagine you singing defying gravity in Kurt's style..hehehe>:)

  5. Thanks guys! I had a blast.

    Talagang Chegz and Cher pa ang nag-comment eh nalilito ako sa inyo. Chergz? Hehe.

    And Ate Aizh, yes I was singing it Kurt-ish. :P