Thursday, May 31, 2012

Race Shopping 2012

Now that I'm back on the road, I'm also back on one of my favorite pastimes -- shopping for races!!!

And where else to look but in! :P

If you want to see me on the road for some reason :P, here's a list of the races I plan to join this year and why:

June 17 - Unilab Run United 2 2012 RU2 21K (SM MOA) - For the 3rd straight year, I am joining the Unilab Run 2. I guess I'm just a big fan of Unilab (2). :P

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Back on My Feet - Run United 2 - 21K

My first registered race after my wedding is a 21K!

A few days after our wedding, my wife and I registered for Run United 2.

Although frankly the registration assistant at Toby's MOA was not very nice, it felt so good to be back that I shrugged it off immediately and started getting ready for my come-back race!

EARL: Very happy to be back | TEY: Happy as well, but a bit annoyed, when she had almost been registered for 10K.

My last race had been the Nike Run on October 15, a day before I proposed marriage to my then-girlfriend, now-wife Tey. :D

But anyway, here I am again! After a long "downtime", I'm nervous about this decision to go 21K. It sure feels like my first time again. Maybe I'll try the training I did for my first 21K.

I'll see you guys on the road again! But where's my watch?!

My Race Results in 2011

Here's a summary of my race results for 2011.

PSE Bull Run 16k - 2:12:44
Condura Run 21k - 3:08:31
Unilab Run United 1 10K- 1:10:43
Hyundai Run 10K - 1:12:ss
Takbo.PH Night Fest 10K - 1:15:ss
Goldilocks Fun Run 21K - 2:52:08
Takbo.PH Run Fest 16K - 2:45:30 (lost info)
Unilab Run United 2 3K - 22:30:ss (lost info)
Nike Run Manila 10K - 

I was slower and my mileage was lower in 2011 as compared to my 2010 performance. Hopefully 2012 will be better. :D

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Wedding Experience - A Message of Thanks

The Lord has been truly amazing to me this year in many inexplicable ways and I am just thankful that He even blessed me with a wonderful wedding! As cliché as it may sound, the words I know are not enough to describe how grateful I am right now. The ceremony has been fun, and now I'm praying that the marriage will even be more fantastic!

I thank my wife Tey for standing, sitting, running, other-verb-ing, with me all throughout our six years (plus almost 7 months of preparations) together. My eyes still sparkle when I call her my "wife". Finally.

I intend to extend my gratitude to everyone who helped out in making our momentous dream day come true. I'm truly sorry if I miss to single out anyone but I hope you would understand that I'm still walking on air, awestruck by God's blessing.

It is easier for me to list down the important people without regard to form and parallelism. :) Please forgive me if I don't dot the i's and cross the t's. It would look something like this: dot the |'s and cross the |'s.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Final Blog

This is my short final blog -- but not, like, ever. Silly you. :D

At least it's my last as Mr. Civil Status: Single.

In a few hours, I will be officially married to the woman of my dreams!

You know it has been said that if you want your dreams to come true, you should first wake up.

But in order to wake up, you must first sleep. :P So I think that's what I should do soon. :D

Good night! And goodbye to being single!


Before I go to sleep, allow me to sing this jingle:

♪♬  I'm getting married, getting married. Oh boy what a day it's gonna be! ♫♩♯

Oops, sorry I was a bit sharp there. :D