Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eng'gfinity : The Engineering Centennial Run

UP College of Engineering celebrates its 100th year with a Centennial Run brought to us by the Engineering Student Council.

The run is on July 18 and it starts and ends (where else?) in front of the College of Engineering (Melchor Hall) in UP Diliman. It features 3 categories: 2.2k oval challenge, 5k, and 10k.

Registration is now open! [Reg package includes singlet, race bib, route map, and race analysis]. For more details, please go to :))

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rectilinear Motion :P

I'm a runner but I'm actually a teacher by profession. And I'm excited to sort of combine these two in my discussion later of this problem on uniform rectilinear motion and uniformly accelerated motion. [Oops sorry, the geek in me is out of control :P]

"A sprinter in a 400-m race accelerates uniformly for the first 130m and then runs with constant velocity. If the sprinter's time for the first 130m is 25s, determine (a) his acceleration, (b) his final velocity, and (c) his time for the race." [11.39, Vector Mechanics by Beer, Johnston, and Clausen, 8th].

Wow, that's 400m in 51 seconds! If he can keep that for 5k, then he'll be finished in less than 11 minutes! :))

I wonder if that's how fast runners really do their short runs - accelerating from rest to a very fast pace (this imaginary guy is over 30 kph) and then maintaining that speed. Makes me want to experiment on this one time around the oval. :P

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Registered for 34th Milo Marathon :))

I'm now officially registered for the 34th Milo Marathon. I registered for the 5k run because that's all I can afford for now. :P

Thanks (again) to my girlfriend for this Milo treat! Now I have two 5k's on July where I will try to get sub-00:30's... :P

The 5k singlet looks like this [on Tey]. Well it very much looks like Milo to me. :))



I'll see you guys on July 4! Go further with Milo everyday! Kaya mo yan! :P