Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to Get PNP Clearance from Camp Crame

OK, I know this is not really something I write about, but I'm feeling pretty helpful today, so I thought I'd be a good pal and guide you on how to get PNP clearance.

None of my previous employers had requested PNP clearance from me, but I needed one last week. I had thought it was just the usual police clearance (which is available at our city hall), but I was later informed that this should come from Camp Crame. If you have the same requirement please read on. If not, well why not go on reading as well since you've gotten this far already? :)

First of all, do not panic. It's actually quite easy. Make sure you have the following with you:

1. Cedula or Community Tax Certificate. This costs 7 pesos to 800 pesos (or more), depending on your salary level and your honesty. :P I got mine from the city hall. Make sure you also bring a photocopy with you (2 copies are more than enough). Make sure your cedula is as current as possible (same year at least). [Note: Kung hindi ka bayani, wag punitin ang cedula.]
2. Eighty Pesos. This is the amount to be paid as of January 2013.

That's practically all you need! You might want to bring your own ballpen with you so that you can easily fill out the forms.

Where is Camp Crame?

Do not be frightened and do not be dismayed: Camp Crame is not in Baguio, but near Santolan MRT Station. PNP Clearance processing is done at the side of the building (i.e. applicants are outside, served by PNP personnel through windows.] To get there:

1. Take the MRT to Santolan Station (or the bus as I did).
2. Exit at or cross to the Southbound side of EDSA and walk northward i.e. towards Cubao.
3. Walk straight ahead until you see Boni Serrano Avenue.
4. Turn left at Boni Serrano Avenue.
5. You will not miss the people lining up by the counter or waiting for their names to be called.

What To Do

Once there, you will see instructions that are intuitive and easy to understand. As a summary, what you do are the following:

1. Submit copy of cedula and get a form.
2. Fill out the form then pay the processing fee.
3. Submit your form for encoding and have your picture taken.
4. Wait for the releasing.

The entire processing takes less than an hour. The longest I had to wait was for releasing, which only took 9 minutes and 4.37 seconds from getting my picture taken. :)

See how easy it is? Now stop complaining about the (currently) inevitable bureaucracy and get to PNP right away! :P

As always, be constantly vigilant for people who take advantage like fixers and pickpockets, although for some reason there are many policemen around that area who might be able to help you "if need be."

I want to leave you with a quotable quote from the sage MRT driver:

"Santolan-Annapolis Station. Santolan-Annapolis Station. Mag-ingat sa mga mandurukot. Wag po nating itulak ang mga buntis."


  1. hi..thank you your post :) I just have a question if they would require original copy of cedula. I got my cedula feb 2013. my previous employer requested for one and they took the original copy. I have a photocopy but would they still require me to provide the original copy? thank you very much :)

  2. anu po schedule na pedeng kumuha ng pnp clearance sa camp crame

  3. Sorry I was not able to monitor the comments. Anyway, I guess you already know the answers by now.

    But for the sake of other readers, the schedule should be Mondays to Fridays, 8AM to 5PM (but please go there as early as humanly possible).

    Not sure regarding the photocopy. I think it "might" slide given the number of applicants there. It is still best practice to have the original.

  4. We went there today and it's closed until 12 pm because of some activity daw inside the camp. Red Alert or something...FYI...
    So the schedule may change from time to time... swertihan lang...

  5. Hi! i just want to ask if there really is a PNP POLICE CLEARANCE CARD just like the NBI Clearance card before. if ever where can i get one and how? coz someone told me that there is such a thing however he also don't know how to have one too... thank you

  6. "See how easy it is? Now stop complaining about the (currently) inevitable bureaucracy and get to PNP right away! :P"

    I can not agree more with what you said. Other people tend to just comment on the system only to find out they're just lazy to request for the documents they needed. :)

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  8. Is this the same as the police clearance from the local pnp office? or does the one from crame more special?

  9. Thank you. This is very helpful. I've been worrying about getting my police clearance for going abroad since my family have been displaced because of Yolanda. Been living in Cebu/Manila since then. Thanks again!

  10. Hello. what if I'm getting one for pre employment purposes and wala po akong work before, will I need to present the cedula still?

    1. Personal experience: I was able to get a cedula without any working experience. I got it from my town's municipal office.

  11. this is very helpful and clear explanation nice

  12. this is so much helpful. simple and concise. I hope the entire process is also the same.

  13. Yup, it's still the same process and fee. I got mine earlier and it took me just around 15 minutes to finish the whole process.

    Btw, thanks for this article. It really helps a lot. :)

  14. hey! i just want to ask if theres a ride in cubao going to camp crame? thank u :)

  15. awesome! Thanks :D :)!

  16. I got mine yesterday at PNP UN Ave.They didn't asked for cedula just present a valid ID.I paid P280 for the clearance and ID.The validity of the ID is for only 6 months.

    Thanks for this post! :)

    1. The PNP clearance and Police Clearance are not the same. You can get a police clearance at any city or municipality police stations(not sub-stations) while you can only get the PNP clearance at camp crame if you are in metro manila. I am sure that for the police clearance you have the option to get an id aside from the clearance but you have to pay extra. For the PNP clearance, i am not sure if there is an option to get an ID as well. Readers who have gotten PNP clearance from camp crame recently might want to comment if there is an ID option or just the clearance.

  17. Hi. tanong lang po, kailangan po ba recent yung cedula? may cedula na po kasi ako na kinuha last June 2014 pa. And kukuha po ako bukas ng PNP Clearance, tatanggapin po ba yun kahit year 2014 pa naissue? Thank you so much po sa sasagot! :)

  18. Baka naman alam mo na din detailed step by step sa pagkuha sa Camp Crame ng Psychiatric clearance, drug test, gun ownership seminar?

  19. Same process pa rin po ba as of 2016?
    Napansin ko kasi na 2013 pa pala yung post..

  20. Kelangan ng cedula sa DI clearance. Buti may malapit na malayo na barangay hall dun. May nag comment kasi dito na nde kelangan putcha.

  21. Hey guys! This post surely helped me a lot today. location is the same, just beside Gate 2 of Crame, you'll see benches and infront a door and closed glass windows just go right in,there will be readily available application forms, fee as of october 2016 is 80 php,you must pay the exact fee. then submit the receipt, the application form and a photocopy of your CTC issued 2016. pose for the photo, then wait for your name to be called.
    DI and PNP Clearance is the same document. they call it DI now for some reason and take note that it is different from POLICE CLEARANCE youll be directed elsewhere if you ask for this. whole process takes 15 mins. wmif its without a line.